Transcripts of Steve’s recent sermons can be downloaded using the links below:

 11 November, 2018

The widow’s story

A story sermon, imagining the life of the widow who put in her 2 coins, and reflecting on the role of the Scribes and Temple leaders.

4 November, 2018

Loving the invisible God

We hear a lot about loving our neighbour in churches, and rightly so, but do we really hear much about loving God? What does that love look like?

28 October, 2018

Seeing and following

When might the Church do the opposite of what it desires and actually keep people away from Jesus? An exploration of those who like to “shush”.

21 October, 2018

True Greatness

What do we really want in life? Do we hanker after greatness? And if so, what type of greatness?

 8 July, 2018

Hometown Rejection

Reflecting on the story of Jesus’ rejection by his own family and hometown, this sermon asks in what ways might the Church itself might reject Jesus? It explores this in the context of large parts of the US Church being politicised with the result of it supporting policies Christ would have railed against.

 1 July, 2018

Healing Touch

Two interwoven stories teach us about the varied nature of faith.

17 June, 2018

Those darn weeds!

Two tiny parables in Mark’s gospel about seeds. What do they suggest about God’s way and how do they fit into Mark’s larger story?

10 June, 2018

How Jesus sees his ministry

Understanding Jesus’ ministry …or not. The scribes and even Jesus’ family misunderstand Jesus, while he explains just how he sees what he’s doing.

3 June, 2018

Confusing treasure and clay jars

How do we account for the wonder of the gospel and the often failed church? How do the two relate? And what hope is there for the church in an age of so much negativity and attack?

20 May, 2018

Mission Aflame

How does the Spirit of God act in the Church today? This sermon explores lessons today from the story of the Day of Pentecost.

06 May, 2018

Spiritual Migration 3

The third in this series based on Brian McLaren’s book asks what shifts the Church itself needs to make to become more relevant to our community and truer to our founder. Can the Church migrate from an institution to a movement to become an agent for the healing of our world?

29 April, 2018

Spiritual Migration 2

To renew the Church, the second migration the Church needs to make is shifting our view of God from a violent God of domination to a non-violent God of liberation. As always, Jesus is our guide.

22 April, 2018

Spiritual Migration 1

The first in a 3-part series exploring the changes (the migration) required for the Church to be truer to its founder and relevant to our world. The series follows Brian McLaren’s recent book, The Great Spiritual Migration. This sermon highlights that faith is primarily about our way of life rather than a set of beliefs.

25 March, 2018

…in the name of the Lord

As Jesus rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and caused a disruption in the Temple, he was acting in the manner of the Old Testament prophets. Just what was it that he was protesting? And why is it so relevant to us millennia later?

11 March, 2018

The Common Good

Why was Jesus so down on religious people? What is the difference between following Jesus and being religious?

4 March, 2018

Wisdom of the old to recognize the power of the new

Why does the life-giving wine of Christ’s good news, so often end up unappealing in the hands of the Church? Jesus gives us a lesson from wine and wineskins. 

25 February, 2018

Human from divine wisdom

In a context of Church change, what do Jesus’ words on denying ourselves and taking up our cross mean?

18 February, 2018

3 Church Temptations

Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness prompts this reflection on 3 temptations faced by the modern Church.

11 February, 2018

Being Inclusive

What happened to the leper after Jesus healed him? This sermon reflects on the importance of inclusivity for the Church today.

4 February, 2018

Facebook and the Kingdom of God

This sermon explores the ‘disappointment’ of Facebook as an example of some of the things wrong in our world. And it looks at what Jesus offers as an alternative.

12 November,2017

God in culture

5 November,2017

Unlearning the God-talk

9 July 2017

Genesis 2-3 Learning limits in the garden

Boundaries? human limitations? freedom? What does this
oft-misunderstood passage tell us about being human? 

2 July 2017

Genesis 1 Creator creates creation

What does this foundational story tell us about God and God’s creation?