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11 March, 2018

The Common Good

Why was Jesus so down on religious people? What is the difference between following Jesus and being religious?

4 March, 2018

Wisdom of the old to recognize the power of the new

Why does the life-giving wine of Christ’s good news, so often end up unappealing in the hands of the Church? Jesus gives us a lesson from wine and wineskins. 

25 February, 2018

Human from divine wisdom

In a context of Church change, what do Jesus’ words on denying ourselves and taking up our cross mean?

18 February, 2018

3 Church Temptations

Jesus’ temptation in the wilderness prompts this reflection on 3 temptations faced by the modern Church.

11 February, 2018

Being Inclusive

What happened to the leper after Jesus healed him? This sermon reflects on the importance of inclusivity for the Church today.

4 February, 2018

Facebook and the Kingdom of God

This sermon explores the ‘disappointment’ of Facebook as an example of some of the things wrong in our world. And it looks at what Jesus offers as an alternative.

12 November,2017

God in culture

5 November,2017

Unlearning the God-talk

9 July 2017

Genesis 2-3 Learning limits in the garden

Boundaries? human limitations? freedom? What does this
oft-misunderstood passage tell us about being human? 

2 July 2017

Genesis 1 Creator creates creation

What does this foundational story tell us about God and God’s creation?

 7 May 2017

Knowing the Shepherd’s voice

What do need from our leaders in the Church and in politics?

 30 April 2017

Beyond what we have known

The benefit of hindsight in the things of God.

 23 April 2017

Double take Thomas

What might it have been like to experience the risen Christ? What difference can it make in our lives today?

16 April 2017

Easter Earthquake

How BIG is Easter really? What changes because of it?

 2 April 2017

Called forth

In the light of Lazarus being raised to new life, this sermon explores what does it mean to have new life today?


 19 March 2017

Listening that transforms

Can deep listening be the beginning of personal and community transformation? It sounds too simple, but Jesus shows the way as he speaks with a woman at a well.

12 March 2017

Leaving the familiar

If ones knows the destination, then the journey merely becomes about charting a course. But if the destination is unknown, then the journey becomes one of relying on the Guide every step of the way.


5 March 2017

Wilderness time

The beginning of all temptation is doubting God’s goodness and love for us.


26 February 2017

Moments of Transcendence

Spiritual highlights to keep us going in our daily lives.



19 February 2017


Loving our enemies

Loving our enemies….then and now.














































































































































































19 June 2016

Peaceful again

What does labelling and stereotyping do to others? Will we really allow people to be healed, especially if it disrupts our view of things?

12 June 2016

Feeling safe; loving much

How we feel is one issue, but how we make other people feel might be a more important question.

05 June 2016

Compassion acts

Who do we ‘see’ today and can we allow our recognition to move to compassion and action?


29 May 2016


Faith found in surprising places

Here’s a story of faith found in the least expected place (or person). Jesus seems to love to point out how faith or good works often come from those on the margins.story

24 April 2016

Busting Out

What does true inclusion look like? How did it change the early church to include outsiders?

3 April 2016

Recognising the risen One

It was easy for those who’s seen Jesus alive after his death, but how do we know Jesus is alive for us today?

27 March 2016

Looking in Wrong Places

What else came to life with Jesus that first Easter? And how do we try to push things back into that lifeless tomb?

20 March 2016

What Makes for Peace?

Jesus makes a statement, entering Jerusalem, for those who will see it.

06 March 2016

Lost and Found

What’s in a name? A fresh look at the Parable of the Two Sons.

28 February 2016

Open Your Eyes

What if repentance was less about morality and more about how we see the world?

21 February 2016

Identity – Trusting and Persevering

What does it mean for the church to persevere in today’s context? What threats exist for the church today?

14 February 2016

Identity – Thankful and Generous

What reinforces our Christian identity today? Three thoughts from Deuteronomy 26.

7 February 2016

Behold, Mystery…Glory

What can we ever hope to learn from the story of Jesus being ‘transfigured’ on the mountain? What did the 3 disciples, who accompanied him, learn?

31 January ’16

The Bible is Dead: Long Live the Bible

Moving on in our understanding of the Scriptures and how God might speak to us through them.

Christmas Day 2015

Glory to God in the Highest

Walking with the shepherds we reflect on how we’ll conclude our Christmas Days

 6 December 2015

An Overview of Luke 1-2

Why does Luke take 183 verses to say what Mark says in 14? This is an overview of the first 2 chapters of Luke’s gospel.

 22 November

On Power

A sermon reflecting on different types of power in our world and the power exhibited by Jesus as he stood on trial before Pilate.

8 November


What helps us be generous people? What makes us hypocritical? We explore the example of the proud scribes and the giving widow


11 October

Costly Love

Just what is Jesus’ big hang up with wealth? Doesn’t he understand it makes our modern world go round?

4 October

Integrity in suffering

This sermon examines some unhelpful and helpful Biblical responses to the timeless issue of innocent suffering. We take Job as our guide to integrity in hardships.

20 September

A new type of greatness

In this imaginative story sermon, we explore true greatness from the perspective of one of the Bible characters.

13 September

Opportunity cost of Discipleship

In an age where we are urged to have it all, what choices does costly discipleship imply?

30 August

Heart Matters

If it is the heart and not external traditions that draw us close to God, how do we gain a pure heart, especially in this impure world?

23 August

To whom shall we go?

What is the difference between turning back from following Jesus and engaging the difficult questions that life throws up, or responding to a time of crisis?

16 August

Enlivening Bread

What do we discover in the difficult words of Jesus about eating his flesh and drinking his blood? Does it go beyond Holy Communion?

9 August

Better Bread

Our past is an important part of who we are, but perhaps it can get in the way of who God is calling us to be now.

5 July

 Church – sent and dependent

The Church is a “sent people” and was never meant to be a club of like-minded people.

14 June

Jilted husband woos wife back

The second of 2 sermons looking at the Church’s basis of hope in the midst of “exile”.

7 June

The Church in exile

The first of 2 sermons using the situation of Jeremiah to explore where the Church is today and what God is calling us to.

This sermon explores whether the changes the Church is experiencing today qualifies as a type of “exile”. It uses Jeremiah’s words in a situation of real exile as words of hope today.

31 May


Isaiah’s vision of God provides an example of how we can all have our lives re-orientated to a new reality.

19 April

Telling our story

Reflections on hindsight and on making the risen Christ real and compelling to our world.

12 April

A new way of being together

The resurrection is not just history but a dynamic force operating in our lives helping us to live more generously.

5 April

Raised and gone ahead of us

In thinking about the gospel of Mark’s unique description of the Easter events this sermon invites us to see that Christ has gone ahead of us and beckons us on to follow him.

22 March

Whistleblower Jesus

How is Jesus like a whistleblower? This sermon explores Jesus’ death as exposing the evils of the System. Like many whistleblowers he pays a high price.

 15 March

Draw near and nestle in

This sermon identifies 3 ways we can draw near to God as reflected in John’s gospel.

1 March

Who do you say that I am

What is God like? What is the Christian walk?  Jesus’ embrace of suffering answers so many questions.

22 February

Journeying in wilderness time

As we enter the season of Lent, which always begins with readings about Jesus in the wilderness, we hear some reflections on this desert land and the spiritual journey so often linked with it

 15 February

Values in ministry

On the occasion of the dedication of Children’s Ministry volunteers, this sermon reflects on what values we exercise in Christian ministry in a changing context.

8 February 2015

What are you passionate about?

Finding and sustaining our passions and calling in life. This sermon is punctuated with Steve’s photos from Capernaum, Israel where the events of the reading took place.

1 February 2015


This sermon explores what holds us back in life and reflects on God’s great gift of freedom for us all.