Our Community

Community life is a vital part of Pymble Uniting Church. Whether it is discovered in regular long-term groups, within the support of playgroups or as we join to help others, the invisible arms of community carry us along and remind us we are part of something bigger than ourselves.

Information about the various groups which operate within our community is available below.

Coffee Connections

Book Club

Coffee Connections is a program of stimulating speakers, morning tea and a “think link” by Rev Steve Aynsley or Rev Dr Bernard Thorogood. A monthly gathering of wonderful women meeting in their homes around an interesting book – usually a contemporary novel or biography.
The program runs for 4 Thursdays in each school term. Meets first Monday of the month at 8 pm.
10:30 am Think Link
10:45 am Coffee and Chat
11:15 -12 noon Speaker
 Contact: Linda 0412 890 345.
Topics range from history to adventure travel, from science and life-story to the idiosyncratic, and are always fascinating and well presented.
Contact: John on 9983 9879

Friendship Circle

1st Wednesday Coffee Club

The Friendship Circle is a group of spirited women who arrange interesting speakers (often themselves) and meet on the 3rd Monday of the month at 10:15 am. Just as spirited a group as the Friendship Circle, but with a little more experience on their side, the First Wednesday Coffee Club meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 10:30 am.
Contact: Lorraine 9498 1604

Contact: Nan 9498 2065

Heart & Mind


A monthly discussion group that explores life and faith by reading a book in depth and using it as a basis for conversation. The choir supports our Sunday worship with choral pieces and helps the 9:30 am service learn new hymns.
Meeting on the third Sunday of the month at 6 pm in a local home, this group has a variety of ages. A warm and fun group, new singers are always welcome. 
Contact: Heather  9449 7810Heart and Mind Contact: David via the office on 9983 9879choir

Golf Days

Study Groups

Four times a year on a Saturday morning a range of people from the church and beyond enjoy a round of golf. At Pymble we have short-term studies a few times a year around a theme or book of the Bible.
From hackers to the experienced, our focus is on enjoyment and fellowship. We always have studies at Lent and often at other times of the year.  In the past year we have used Lent Event material as well as the Saving Jesus DVD series.
Contact: Peter 0419 268 283golf-day We also combine with other local Uniting Church congregations for some study events.

Contact: Steve  9144 3100